What is BEAT?

BEAT: Blockbuster Education Arts & Technology.
Industry based film lessons & courses with Visual Effects for ages 10+

Who is BEAT for?

BEAT has been created for school teachers.

How is it used?

Teachers can use BEAT lessons and courses directly in their classrooms, through any internet connected device.

Why use BEAT?

Now more than ever digital literacy and digital technology has become a normal part of our everyday life. Our children need to know how to communicate and express ideas and thoughts through digital storytelling. BEAT helps children exceed in digital storytelling because it’s taught by film industry professionals and passionate school teachers.

What makes BEAT so different?

BEAT’s unique difference is that it brings film industry professionals into the classroom.
It costs less than having a film professional incursion, yet offers a great deal more career based skill instruction over a terms length. It also gives children the opportunity to use blockbuster visual effects in their films.

Do I need filmmaking experience?

No, all our lessons come with a Teacher Preparation section and step by step video guides you can easily follow. 

Do you have any PD’s/ Webinars that I can join?

YES, please contact us for times and dates.

What equipment do I need?

Internet Connection: Teachers can do BEAT lessons through any Internet connected device browser.
Printer: You will also need the ability to print out Production Journals and Lessons sheets.|
Camera Device: For our Visual Effects lessons, it’s also required to have a camera device e.g. ipad, phone, video camera, DSLR.
Apps: Apps for green screens and video editing.
Sound & Music: Access to a sound and music library is also recommended or you can make your own.
Hard Drive Space: If you are doing the Full Production Course we suggest you have either space on your devices for video editing or a dedicated computer with at least 20GB of storage.

Contact us if you have any questions