No prior filmmaking or Visual Effects knowledge required!

Just follow our step by step video guides for an entertaining action hero movie starring your students!

“Hi I’m SCOUT your new online teacher aid!”

Enjoy creating and interacting with your class while Scout and Richard take you all on a great movie making journey! Scout is your very own robotic guide. Throughout the course he will pop up and offer helpful hints and suggestions to get the most out of our courses.


BEAT Courses are not just filmmaking for its own sake, they are real-world simulations of Film Pre-Production to Promotion and Presentation. Woolsthorpe Primary School sold tickets to their incredible Red Carpet Event. Selling tickets can give your school the option of paying for BEAT or giving to a charitable cause.

Based on our Template films full production courses can begin when a class of students completes the first 10 BEAT Lessons.
From Story Setup to final editing the course is the full practical student outcome as an Action Hero short film.
We are currently in development and can’t wait to launch.


All of our lessons and courses cover a range of State and Australian Curriculum Content within the English, Media Arts, Drama Learning and Digital Technologies Areas. It also allows students to engage in activities and thinking as described across all General Capabilities within the Curriculum.

Your students will love the resources that we provide to make it a great experience.



Students will interact with their own digital Production Journals. They will engage in critical thinking as they document and analyse their unique production journey with the help of Success Criteria and ‘selfie journaling’ on their tablets.

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